General Questions

Can I apply if I am in high school?
No, you are not eligible to apply.

Can I apply to study for a full year?
No, admission offers are only valid for one initial term.  If you wish to stay for a second term you will be given the opportunity to reapply once you enroll for your first term.  

Can I take classes in the summer?
No, we do not offer summer term admission.

I am already attending MIT as a visiting student, can I take classes?
No, visiting students cannot take classes. 

As an international student can I request a TOEFL or IELTS waiver?
No, the program does not offer TOEFL or IELTS waivers.  Applicants who are not native English speakers must submit test score results.

Academic Questions

The application website is closed; how do I apply?
You must wait until the application period reopens based on the times listed in the application procedures section.

Can apply for graduate level classes?
Yes, most departments will consider requests for graduate level classes.  However, you must meet the required prerequisites for any class.  Most students have found MIT classes to be more difficult than they originally planned for, so it is important to choose classes to which you are qualified.

Can I apply to classes from more than one department?
Yes, but we recommend choosing classes from just one department.  Choosing classes from several different departments, without a clear underlying focus, is not suggested.

Can I do research while enrolled as a special student?
There may be opportunities to enroll in research based classes and contribute to a research project.  These opportunities are very limited and only offered in select departments.

How many classes can I take?
There is no true limit to the number of classes that can be taken as a full-time special student; however, a reasonable class load is required and will be reviewed and approved by the program.

Financial Questions

How much does it cost to apply?
The application fee is $75 and must be paid online at the end of the application process.

Do you offer any financial aid?
No, special students are not eligible for financial aid.

Can I make tuition installment payments?
No, the full tuition payment is due by the first week of class and required in order to complete registration.