Life at MIT

For most participants of the Undergraduate Special Student Program taking classes and studying is only part of the equation. New students often seek to fully immerse themselves in MIT’s culture and try to learn from all of the experiences that MIT has to offer.

Transitioning to life at MIT can feel like a daunting task, but we want to insure that incoming students are well prepared to start their studies at MIT.  To help new Special Students navigate their way to MIT we have provided detailed information about Registration, Health Insurance, Housing, and other important topics.

Activities & Clubs

MIT has a very active student community with numerous opportunities to join and engage in student activities.  For the most up to date list of available clubs please visit the Association of Student Activities.

Sports & Recreation

Special students receive access to MIT’s network of recreational and athletic facilities.  This includes access to fitness centers such as the Zesiger Center and Alumni/Wang Center.  Students can also join activities offered by the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) or participate in intermural Club Sports.

Support & Advising

Sometimes things may not go as planned, maybe a class is more difficult than you were prepared for or you unexpectedly became ill before an exam.  When these situations come up, MIT is there to help with dedicated staff members willing to assist.  When basics questions come up, you can always go to the Undergraduate Special Student Program office for guidance.  You may also be referred to MIT’s Student Support Services or to the International Students Office.  Both of these office serve as great resources for any questions that may arise.