Accounts & Registration

Admitted applicants will receive a letter of admission with detailed information about the process of enrolling MIT.  Much of the orientation and registration process for Special Students is separate from regular degree seeking freshman, so it is important to follow the instructions provided by the Special Student Program.

MIT Email Account

Admitted students will be able to register for an MIT Kerberos email account immediately. The Kerberos account is a crucial link to all MIT systems. The email account will remain active while you are in the program, and will stay active up to one year after leaving MIT.  Unfortunately, Special Students are not eligible for an alumni account.

MIT Certificates

Some of MIT’s websites require secure web certificates in order to access information. Students will be able to download certificates after creating an MIT Kerberos account.

MIT ID Cards

Once students arrive on campus they will be able to receive an MIT ID card.  The ID card allows students to enter many secure places on campus such as student dormitories, dining halls, fitness centers and other secure locations on campus.  ID cards will expire after the completion of the program


Many of MIT’s websites and materials will refer to online registration and pre-registration.  However, Special Students do not use the online registration process. Instead, Special Students are registered based on the approved list of classes that are indicated in the letter of admission.  Limited changes to the approved list of classes may be possible at the start of the term.  Topics such as registration and changing classes are discussed during the on campus orientation session.