Housing & Working

For most Special Students, coming to MIT will involve careful planning as they move to the Cambridge campus. MIT has put together comprehensive information about moving to Cambridge and finding adequate housing.  Another key question that students may ask is about the possibility to work while on campus.


For most students, the ideal arrangement would be on-campus housing.  However, MIT’s convenient central location means that students face a competitive housing market. The demand for MIT housing has outpaced the availably in recent years. MIT has several new projects in development which will hopefully alleviate the strain on housing in the future, but that means that housing opportunities at the present are severely limited.

On-Campus Housing

Undergraduate Special Students will have the opportunity to apply for on-campus housing in both the undergraduate or the graduate dormitories.  Because of the high demand for accommodations, special students will only be able to apply via a waiting list. Wait list applications are available prior to the term of enrollment.  The housing assignment process will then take place according timeline provided by the Housing Office

Degree seeking students have higher priority for on-campus housing than non-degree students, such as Special Students.  Each is different, so there is no way to determine your chances of gaining on-campus housing in advance.

Off-Campus Housing

MIT is well aware of the difficulties involved with finding housing in the Boston area, and has taken many steps to insure that students are well informed of their off-campus housing options.  All of the off-campus housing resources can be found online and new students can create a profile to begin their search.  For more information, please visit the Off-Campus Housing website.

Meal Plans

MIT offers a wide range of meal plans to accommodate every student’s nutritional needs.  Plans can fit the schedule of both on-campus and off-campus students.  For further information about meal plans please visit dining.mit.edu/meal-plans.


Many students who come to MIT also seek ways to offset their expenses by working on campus.  Unfortunately, Special Students are not eligible to work on campus.  Work opportunities are limited to degree seeking students only.  It is important for students to keep this in mind when planning their finances.