Tuition & Fees

A $75 application fee is required when submitting the online application. Current enrolled special students may request an application fee waiver if applying for a second sequential term as a special student.

Special students are not eligible for financial aid.  The expenses below can be used as an estimate for enrolling undergraduate special students.


2017-2018 MIT expenses for one term of study

  • Tuition: $24,790 (Full-time)
  • Student Activity Fee: $156
  • Housing (on-campus): $3,575 - $5,120
  • Meals: $2,575
  • Extended Health Insurance: $1,250 (fall term) and $1,750 (spring term) 
  Per Unit Minimum Maximum
Tuition $770  $6,930* $24,790

*Minimum charge covers up to 9 units for Non-MIT affiliated students

Additional Financial Information

International students are required to enroll full-time.  Less than full-time enrollment is charged on a per unit basis until the maximum charge is reached.  There is no true limit to the number of classes that can be taken as a full-time special student; however, a reasonable class load is required and will be reviewed and approved by the program.

Special Students are charged a prorated fee for any class dropped after registration day if the resulting change effects the overall number of registered units.  Proration tables are available online.

Please visit the Registrar's Office website for additional information about Special Student Tuition